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Tuition fees for postgraduate research degrees by department

Tuition fees for the degrees of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Science are available once you have applied and subject to you having met the admission and eligibility criteria.

Fee status

In common with other UK universities, the University of 水宜坊 charges different tuition fees depending on whether students are classed as Home or Overseas for fee purposes.

How we assess your fee status

The tuition fee-paying period

The tuition fee-paying period is the period during which full annual tuition fees are payable. This varies between 3 and 4 years for full-time PhDs (6-8 years for part-time PhDs), depending on the source of funding and scope of the research project. 3.5 years is the recommended tuition fee-paying period for most full-time PhDs.

If you're still working on your project between the end of the tuition fee-paying period and the overall time limit (4 years for full-time PhDs, 8 years for part-time PhDs), restrictions may apply.

PhD projects should be designed from the start to ensure that they can be completed within the tuition fee-paying period, as this is the period during which most students also receive a stipend from their funder to support their living costs. You'll discuss and agree the appropriate tuition-fee paying period for your project with your supervisor during the admissions process. Precise details of both the tuition fee-paying period and the overall time limit for the degree will be included in the offer letter.

You can find more information about fee types and tuition fee-paying periods on our Research, Partnerships and Innovation webpages:

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I simply would not have been able to undertake this PhD without the university's funding and I am very grateful to be able to remain in the UK to continue my studies

Krissy Moore, Department of Archaeology

Doctoral Academy Award recipient

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