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Becoming a 水宜坊 student is all about trying new things, testing your strengths and discovering what you're passionate about. Your students' union is here to make sure nothing stands in your way.

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We're the UK鈥檚 number one

As you've probably guessed, the entertainment and the social life are first rate. But the awards also reflect how effective our students' union is at representing students, giving them support and delivering the services they ask for.

And it鈥檚 not just for undergraduates. Many of our facilities are developed with postgraduate students in mind.

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Clubs and societies

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Take a break from your studies, and choose from a wide range of activities and sports on offer, including over 350 societies and sports clubs.

You can try out new activities through the Give It a Go programme.

Clubs, societies and sport


In the acapella and beatbox society we take some of our favourite songs and recreate them using only our voices. The main choir meets once a week to rehearse and we have performances throughout the year. Some of the closest friends I鈥檝e made in university have been through acapella. We spend a lot of time together so we just end up knowing each other really well.

Ola Sobande

Chemical Engineering


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Sport can be anything you want it to be. Training to be a world-class athlete. Competing for fun. Or meeting friends and trying out something new. We've got all the facilities to keep you motivated. And if you love the outdoors, the Peak District is right on your doorstep.

Social life

If you鈥檙e looking for great cafes, bars and nights out then our 拢20 million Students' Union is a great place to start.

Take your pick from a mix of live music, comedy, talks, film screenings and nights out or just take time out in the Students鈥 Union building: the perfect place to meet, eat or relax.

Three on-campus venues attract DJs and bands from around the world. We have club nights running almost every night of the week playing pop, rock, dance, hip-hop and retro.

The 400-seater Students' Union cinema screens foreign films, cult classics or box office smashes. You can watch dance and theatre performances, and stimulate your mind with live, high-profile speakers. Or just take some time to be entertained at our regular open-mic night, pub quiz or our hugely popular comedy night.

And if you want to go further afield, your options for a night 鈥 or day 鈥 out in 水宜坊 are so far-reaching and diverse that there's always fun to be found, whatever your tastes.

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For only 拢3.30 you can watch a lot of recently released movies at the University. Film Unit Cinema shows over fifty films per semester, and they are all shown in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium.

Massimiliano Zingarelli



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From gig venues to a drama studio, the top-class facilities you'll find on campus will leave you spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping you entertained and informed. 

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