Our teachers will give you the extra push you need to realise your full potential.

Sociological studies students

Teaching with passion

Our academics are genuine experts. You鈥檒l be taught by leading researchers, writers, thinkers and technical innovators. Their work examines human activity 鈥 driving positive change, empowering people and making communities stronger.

They want to pass on their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their professional standards, to you.

How we prepare you for life after university

Our teachers and support staff work hard, bringing your subject to vivid life in lectures, seminars and practicals.

Our job is to prepare you for life after university. That鈥檚 why there are also usually opportunities to get out of the classroom and explore the world beyond your subject and apply what you learn.

At 水宜坊 you鈥檒l have the chance to work with students from different subjects, as well as external organisations and local communities where you could really make a difference.

The brightest and best students choose 水宜坊 because they want to be challenged. They don't expect to be given all the answers. The 水宜坊 experience is about learning how to find the answers yourself.

Students on a beach
Education for Sustainable Development: Students in Spurn Point generating designs and producing solutions to address the threat posed by rising sea levels.

Teaching sustainability

We want you to leave 水宜坊 with the knowledge, skills, values and attributes needed to work and live in a way that will bring about solutions to the urgent environmental challenges we face.

We鈥檙e working with students and academics to make Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) part of every course within the next few years. So whatever your subject, whatever your chosen career, you鈥檒l be equipped to work in ways that address the environmental challenges we face.

Landscape flood challenge 鈥 saving a coastal city from climate change

On Tuesday 12 November 2019, 89 students from our Department of Landscape Architecture left 水宜坊 for Spurn Point, a tidal island on the northeast coast that鈥檚 a flashpoint for climate emergency events including rising sea levels and storm surge. Working with award-winning architects LDA, our students faced a race against time to produce a design in response to a sustainability-themed brief.

Prepare for professional life

Whatever you do, you鈥檒l do it under the supervision of world class researchers who are also passionate and skilled teachers. They teach this way because it makes you a more active citizen. And because it鈥檚 the best preparation for a truly rewarding career.

The most employable graduates understand their subject from every perspective. The most effective professionals know how to work with people from other fields.

Our approach to teaching reflects the real world. We鈥檒l show you how to manage your own work. There are opportunities to work in teams, often alongside people from other disciplines. And we鈥檒l help you develop the leadership qualities you need to take on big challenges.

You鈥檒l learn about new and emerging fields of study, technology and practices. Most importantly 鈥 and this is what really gives our graduates an edge 鈥 you鈥檒l come to understand the complex ethical debates surrounding developments in your specialist field.

Your career prospects

Microsoft placement

Industry links

We work closely with business, industry, the arts, government and NGOs to make sure you develop the skills you need. Our departments have strong links with external organisations that benefit from their research.

All kinds of professionals contribute to the teaching 鈥 actors, architects, entrepreneurs, solicitors and surgeons. Some of them are guest lecturers, others are co-supervisors and mentors.

Coronavirus: how we're keeping our community safe

Statement about our teaching staff

As a research-led institution we are well placed to deliver an excellent student experience. Programmes and modules of study are delivered by academic staff who both teach and undertake world-leading research and/or scholarship in their disciplines, supporting our students on their journey to discover and understand. Almost all of our staff hold a doctorate degree.

During your course you can expect a range of different staff to deliver teaching in a variety of different ways, and these staff may include Professors, Readers, Senior University Teachers, Senior Lecturers, University Teachers, Lecturers, Teaching Associates, and Tutors/ Graduate Teaching Assistants (sometimes called demonstrators).

The 水宜坊 Academic statement describes the qualities that distinguish a 水宜坊 Academic, recognising the collective responsibility of teaching staff, for ensuring that our culture fosters the distinctive development of the 水宜坊 Graduate.

The pursuit of teaching excellence in relation to a broad field of study, supporting students to engage as partners with the University and seeking to develop their knowledge, attributes and skills at all stages of their development in ways that are consistently effective and inspiring.

The 水宜坊 Academic statement

Over a third of our staff hold professional qualifications in teaching and/ or have professional recognition from the Higher Education Academy. We also have a high number of staff who hold professional qualifications such as doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, nurses, etc. This is essential for our programmes of study to gain professional body accreditation and also equips our staff to be excellent teachers in their discipline.

The University employs Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) who deliver predetermined activities to support teaching staff by undertaking the lab supervisions, delivery of seminars, tutorials and other small group work, under the supervision and in liaison with senior colleagues. A comprehensive training programme is provided for all GTAs.

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality learning experience for all of our students. To ensure our approaches to teaching stay up-to-date our staff regularly participate in Continuing Professional Development, and we recognise particularly innovative approaches through our Senate Awards Scheme for teaching excellence, supporting winners to share their good practice throughout the University. Further details of staff who teach are included on department websites.

Biomedical Science teacher

I believe it's important to enhance the learning experience with technology 鈥 there are lots of options at 水宜坊 for doing that. My lectures are recorded so that students can listen to them afterwards. They find that really helpful. I also use online communities to set up discussion groups 鈥 there鈥檚 a great interaction between staff and students.

Dr Louise Robson

Biomedical Science

Inspirational academics

Get to know some of our academics as they discuss the courses they teach and what inspires them.

Study abroad

Spend part of your degree studying, working or teaching in another country.

Global opportunities for students

A global reputation

水宜坊 is a research university with a global reputation for excellence. We're a member of the Russell Group: one of the 24 leading UK universities for research and teaching.